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Before bringing a new pet at home, take him to the vet. He will evaluate his health and will advise you on vaccinations care and will give you important tips.


For those who just adopt a kitten or if you already have a cat at home, here are some tips for you to
become familiar with your new cat. These steps are great because they will help the cat and you to
know better and to respect the space of each one, after all who have cat knows the cats, despite of
being very kind, also enjoys freedom!

The first tip is to get the cat to become familiar with your smell. In the corner where your cat
sleeps, line the place with old clothes that have your scent. Then, your cat will be gradually
familiar with your smell.

If your cat is very shy or very suspicious, the first thing to do is to let it come to you at his
pace. For that, you must make yourself available to him. A great way to do that is sitting on the
floor in a place where he likes to be. Read a book, lie down. Put some cat food chunks near to you.
Let him comes to get the chunks, but only be near if him he allows. Patience is the key here. One way
to speed up the process is using toys. Cats love to chase lasers, use this to your advantage!

He needs all your love and respect.

Have a cat at home requires a lot of attention.

Like children, cats are curious, they like to explore, jump, bite and play, so it is very important that the place where you live is also a safe place for their new residents.

The first step to protect your cat and your home is to keep or put away your pets reach objects that can break easily. The vessel on the edge of the table, the crystal glasses in the corner shelf and the lamp on the headboard should be saved or at least should have a good space for your cat walk among them without danger of they fall. Remember that these animals can jump great heights and love to walk all over the house, so take into consideration everything that can be shot down and break this time.

The next step in making your home safer is to verify which plants do you have at home. Cats love to play with them and one of their favorite games is to eat them. Therefore its important that you take extra care with the plants you have. Here are some examples of little plants that can be harmful to your pet. Lilies, azalea, gardenia and narcissus.

Another important point to prevent injury to cats is to store cleaning products, insecticides, medicines and toiletries. Also keep small objects that they can swallow as coins, paper clips, rubber bands, plastic bags and batteries. In the kitchen do not leave cables pans out of the oven, be careful also with curtain wire and appliances, as your cat can curl them and even bring down these objects.

This is a small script for you to leave your home safer for your pet.

Do you changed the city, employment, married or bought a new house or apartment? There are some people that live in the same house of their life and in some cases they lost how many times they moved.
At such times, what should we do so that our cats be familiar with new house?

Unlike dogs, cats do not adapt so quickly to new environments. But do not worry, it's not impossible, just requires a little more patience and sensitivity on our part.

Let's talk a number of things you can do to let your furry as comfortable as possible:

Attention to nutrition: Stress decreases appetite and it can cause your cat eats less. Do not switch his feed during that period. You can stimulate it with snacks, but if you notice that he is not eating anything, see a veterinarian for guidance.

Keep your feline objects: This moment is not ideal to change the food bowl or the toys. Do not change anything, because it already has to deal with a whole new place, imagine if even the food bowl change?

Do not leave him much time alone in the first week of change: I know this may be difficult, since we work, study, amid daily commitments, but understand that it is like a frightened child: do not understand what is happening or why is there, much less what will happen. He needs to feel protected, smell you and affection. Let him knows that you are there. It will make the situation much easier.

First moves and after take your cat: If is possible, only after everything is just right in your house (all the furniture and objects in their proper places). When you bring your cat it will recognize the smell of it.

Protect your new home: Will you change to apartment? Put nets on the windows, and leave the safe house to avoid unnecessary accidents. Often, they run away because they are too frightened, even if they have not adopted that behavior before. It is important to be careful.

Separate the cats if they begin to fight: For those who have more than one cat, you need to be careful that they do not change from friendly to aggressive situation. It is normal cats friends quarrel at first, so pay attention and if it does, separate them into two rooms until they calm down. Let one explore the rest of the house while the other gets stuck in a room, then let the other exploring until quiet leave the two together again.

Gradual freedom: If the new home is much larger than the last one, perhaps the most appropriate is to release gradually access to your cat. If the change is not going to be very fast, then, the ideal is to keep it in a room so that can help to reduce his stress.

Let your neighbors warned: On times of moving, when we need to organize and assemble various things, always we are afraid of disturbing the neighbors, right? Maybe warn them that your cat can give a little problem, but soon he will be fine, at the end, it is no one's fault, right?

Do not vaccinate close to the period of moving: If it is already difficult for him to get familiar with, imagine putting it in an extremely stressful situation to be vaccinated? Choose to give the vaccine in advance or after it is already familiar with the new home.

It is also common that your cat meows a lot during the first week, just because he feels scared and unprotected. Getting angry with him will no solve the problem, because he is suffering and it can be worse. Encourage him to play and leave around clothes with your smell. Be patient and understand that it is a difficult situation. Give him love and understanding.

This doesn’t mean that all cats will do the same way: some cats can take days and others can take weeks to get familiar with, but if you follow these tips, your cat probably will pass these changes as smoothly as possible.

Do you have any tips or story to tell about changes? Share with us!

What are the benefits and cares when both are living closer?

The question about which is the best age for the child to start having contact with pets is constantly. In the case of cats, for being animals with keen instincts, there is a whole universe of doubts and speculations.

Know the greatest benefits and care needed in the sociable children and kittens.

The benefits are many. Makes more sociable child and sharpens the sense of responsibility, from an early age reduces stress and anxiety, induces the most active play, combating physical inactivity, reduces loneliness, among other things. It has been scientifically proven, even to live with cats from an early age helps the immune system of the child to become more prepared and avoid the appearance of allergies.

About for age, there is no right age to start this interaction. Even homes with infants can have cats as long as the animal's contact with the child must be always supervised with the utmost care for the safety of both.

Children of any age can have contact with the animals.

The breed can also be varied. The thing that must be seen is if the cat is not aggressive or too frightened. Naturally quieter breeds may be good choices because these animals have more tolerance for noise and physical contact.

To avoid scratches, scares and to make the most peaceful coexistence, there are some actions that can be taken, such as training. As small children have a habit of playing, push, pull and hold tightly, it is essential that they have orientations of not doing it and reprimanded when they make. Same muts be happen with your cats, which should also be reprimanded when making any movement that might hurt the child.

Train the cat can help control the instincts to react to sudden touches by children.

Other way to train it is best to touch and caress the most sensitive parts, liken letting the children plays with ears, feet and the kitten's tail. So the cat will not be frightened or being touched by the child and misunderstanding it with threat or aggression.

Now that you know the way, just let both together to starting to meet and be happy, because sooner you learn to love animals is better.

The hairballs are very uncomfortable for the animals and for tutors. But some actions can reduce the frequency of it.

Preventing rather than just remedy the situation.

• Reduce loss:

Cleaning your kitten made often helps to remove the dead skin and hair. Brush him frequently and take extra care if they display any allergies or are in a peak period of the loss.

Take frequent baths, provide medicines and special foods if he needs treatment and brush him regularly. But always with recommendation and prescription vet!

• Water:

Cats have a primal instinct that makes them do not like to drink water and eat at the same time. Keeping the water bowl away from the food causes feline drink more water, helping the cleaning of the ingested.

• Food:

The correct feeding benefits his hair and prevents its fall, keeps the intestines and the digestive system working well.

• Physical exercises:

Being active and healthy not only is good for circulation, heart, longevity and prevents obesity: takes care of the skin and coat of cats. Thus, the animal loses less hair, becomes more active, gets healthy appetite and has less downtime.

• Consultant the vet:

The frequency of queries should be fixed for various reasons, maintaining the health of the animal always updated. Regarding of the hairballs, it can be very beneficial since it helps to find possible allergies, diseases that cause alopecia which should be treated, resulting in the decrease in the accumulation of the digestive tract.

If you notice any changes or the fall more than usual, take him to the veterinary.

It's never too late to play and have fun, especially if you have a cat! So, we gathered some tips toys and games for you to spend a good time together with your cat and further strengthen this bond of love and affection that you have!

The first toy is the wand. It usually has something very colorful at the top to catch the attention of your pet, so you can stay playing "kitten fishing" and see him jumping trying to capture their "prey"! Walk around the house, increase or decrease the height, this is sure to yield some shouts of "oouuun" from him. Look at this example of playing cuteness!

The next game is for those who want to see your kitty crazy! But wait, in a good sense ;) The idea is to use the laser pointers. You point it somewhere in the ground and quickly your cat will try to catch it at any way. This joke that you should be careful not to point the laser to direct the eye of your cat ok? :)

Another super cool game is hide snacks around the house. Think of the places that your cat usually goes and hide some snacks near them. Cats are curious by nature, imagine if you reward them even more by this curiosity! Just avoid your cats eat human food.

To finish, what about the best game of all? do some yummy pet to him and listen him purring!

Any rational person likes getting a stuffy nose or sneezing all the time. On the other hand everyone knows that love is not rational, so we understand perfectly when someone even having allergy to cats, cannot give up their company. And it is especially for those people who created this post!

First of all the first thing you should know is that allergy to cats is not from the hair, but the saliva and other secretions they produce and end up settling in his hair. Did you notice how cats love to take your tongue bath to remain clean? It is exactly why their saliva is around the small body of them.

The first step in reducing allergy and perhaps the most difficult is to ban the cat to enter to your room. This step is very important because just as he has his little corner to stay, you also need to have yours. It may be difficult at first, but remember that this effort is for the good of both. After completing the first step all others will be much easier!

Wash hands after playing or touching your cat, avoiding spreading the allergens around the house and his own body is the second step for a life with less sneezing. Another important tip is to keep the house always clean using a vacuum cleaner on the sofa, carpets and other furniture and if you have at home a steam cleaning machine use it! Also be sure whenever possible leave the windows open for air to circulate.

The last tip is to wash all bedding at least twice a month in hot water.

Following these basic steps your life with the cats will be much easier!

Cat food is an especially food developed for cats in order to give him all their nutritional needs. Cats are natural carnivores, therefore cat food has as a main ingredient some kind of meat, either red or white.

Give homemade food your cat is a bad idea. In home cooking we add spices and ingredients that are no good for your cat, so never offer that kind of meals to him.

Some people give dog food to their cats. It also should not be done at all. Dogs and cats to have certain similarity in some nutritional points, but the amounts of necessary nutrients are very different. As an example, feeding the cats do not have to be rich in carbohydrates, such as feeding the dogs. Therefore, their food is inadequate and can cause damage to the health of your cat.

Why not give homemade food to cats?

You must take various types of care with cats, and one of these is care in relation to food. Give homemade food for your cat is a risk, since you hardly able to dose all the nutrients that your mate need, even more than as the phase of the cat's life, your nutritional needs will also change.

Another problem is in relation to your cat's coat, due to homemade has not specific nutrients and it can fall or be weakened the coat of your cat. Therefore, you must provide for your friend only cat food.




Cats use the tongue with a rough surface to remove dirt, loose fur and small insects from their body and also from the kittens.

This action can help them to have a close bond with the kittens.

Meat is cat’s favorite food. Wild cats hunt smaller animals to eat. For pet cats and kittens, the people feed them with cat food made of fish or meat.

Cats like to play with a quarry shaped toy to practice hunting.

An angry or frightened cat curls their back up while its hair bristles up to warn off their enemies.

That makes them look fatter than normal.

About 16 hours per day. Cats rest during the day. They tend to be more active in the morning and at night.

Sleeping is more important for kittens to grow up.

Bothering fleas make the cat scratch itself. This kind of tiny insects feed themselves with cat’s blood; especially their bite is very itchy.

It is better to take your cat to Vet then.

Cats purr when they are happy or when they are content.

The breathing muscles in the cat’s chest make noise of which you can feel the vibrations.

It is about 50 kilometers an hour.

The answer is No.

Many years ago some people believed that black cats were the witches in the shape of cats for them to carry out the magic.

Kittens drink the mummy’s milk for the first weeks of their lives.

After 4 weeks, kittens can start to drink water.

Yes. They can scramble up anything with their strong, sharp claws. Funnily, young cats sometimes get trouble getting back down again.

Mostly between 12 and 15 years old. Some reach to 20 years old.

One of the oldest cats ever lived to 38 years old.

Sometimes they need when they are ill or to have vaccination injections which protect them from illness.

Some do, but some don’t. Be careful when picking up the cat.

You should be gentle in doing this.

The cat likes to rub its head on its owner, furniture or other subjects to mark its scent on these areas to keep other cats to stay away.

There are more than 100 different kinds or breeds with different features like fur color and pattern, body shape or eye color.

It is just for getting the attention for being fed, stroked or let outside. A loud meow can mean a pain or upset.

It is good to have a basic kit for your new cat. It can be bowls for water or food, cat food, litter tray, some toys, a bed or a brush for cat.

No. But it seems that cats can survive in dangerous situations more than other animals because they have good senses, strong muscle, good balance and super fast reactions.

Someone thinks if a black cat crosses the path and walks away, it takes a good luck to that person while others think black cat can bring the bad luck to them.

It can jump to 5 times its height.

It curls the body and uses its powerful muscle in its legs to leap so far.

After capturing the prey like a mice or other feature, cats like to show to its owner.

Why? Maybe they think it as the gift they give to its kittens or its family member.

Yes. Cat use its tail to show a message of how it is feeling.

When its tail is straight up, it says “hello”. If it is sweeping its tail, it may be to pounce or attack.

Expert think cats can dream. It is when the paws and whiskers twitch sometimes, but they are not sure what the cats may have in their dream.

Catnip is one kind of plant that can make cat feel excited.

The cats like to rub themselves on the plant, roll around it, lick it or eat it.

The cat creeps towards the target very slowly, quietly and stay hidden.

When it can get close to the prey, it makes a final speedy dash and pounces on its catch.